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Installation Process

We pride ourselves on superior installation techniques, in an effort to provide the best looking lawn, every time. Our process is ten step, and we take no shortcuts in order to ensure that the lawn can get a healthy head start in its most important phase - the first few months of its life. This process follows guidelines laid down by the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Many companies do not include some of these steps in their installation processes (such as the weed killing, roto-tilling, or rolling), and as such they do the lawns they install, and their customers, a disfavor. Our no shortcuts policy defines our lawn installation process, and we will never sidestep quality to save time or costs. That is our promise.

Lawn Installation Process:

  1. Application of industrial grade weed killer. Applied to entire lawn in order to eliminate existing weed. This kills weeds and present grass down to the root. It takes approximately 5-7 days for this to be effective. Weed killer mix (chemical to water ratio) is adjusted according to type and amount of weeds present.
  2. Irrigation system check. We turn on the entire system and advise condition of zone coverage, water pressure and any damage. Finally we flag all sprinkler heads, to prevent damage form heavy machinery.
  3. Sod cutter removal of old lawn. A sod cutter is a machine with a blade that undercuts the roots of old lawn and weeds. This is done in order to have a healthy growth of new sod plus a well founded rooting system. We never put new sod over an existing lawn.
  4. ROTO-TILLING. A ROTO-TILLING machine has tines that turn the soil at varying depths. It thoroughly prepares surface soil by reworking the entire area. This aerates and mixes the natural nutrients that are present. It gives new sod a great start by rooting in soft soil.
  5. RAKE LEVEL. Removes most dead grass, twigs, and leaves from surface, and gives an approximately even surface. Note: We do not change the natural grade level of the surface.
  6. ROLLING. Presses surface lightly to support leveling.
  7. FERTILIZATION/PEST CONTROL. Applied to entire area of prepared surface. Accelerates root growth of new sod, and is also a preventative measure for existing pests. We recommend a pest control program for best results on your newly installed sod.
  8. NEW SOD INSTALLATION. All sod is ordered fresh cut from the sod farm and picked up the day before or the day of installation. Our sod is then individually fitted by the piece to get as tight a fit as possible. All areas of concrete walkways and driveways are dug down at the edges at least 2-3” so the sod pieces meets evenly with the cement. Lot lines are met evenly with neighbors sod to have a professional look.
  9. ROLLING. We will roll again as needed if we think it's necessary to even out and flatten the surface.
  10. CLEAN-UP. All area's of the job will be swept or blown clean. Any branches, papers, leaves etcetera will be picked up.