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If you’re ready to turn your yard into an outdoor oasis, we’re here to help. Let our design specialist do the work for you! We'll measure your property, and get a feel for your tastes, and then we'll draw up a design for you, deliver the plants, and install your outdoor paradise.

Like our design, but want to do it yourself? That's okay! We'll sell you the design, and a materials list for a one time charge of $249.00.

We also have landscape packages with predetermined types and numbers of plants to fit any yard. These packages are..

  • Tropical Package
  • CMediterranean Package
  • Floridian Package
  • Northern Package
  • Southern Package
  • Oxford Package

Other Services

  • Mulch Delivery and Installation
  • Topsoil Delivery and Installation
  • Rock Delivery and Installation
  • Organic Debris Removal
  • Area Leveling
  • Roto-tilling

Call us at (813) 843 - 9237 for more information, or to schedule a free estimate.